We're a friendly amateur chamber music club based in Ealing, West London. We help players to find other people with similar interests and abilities and put together groups for works they'd like to play.

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  • Next Members' Concert on 13th June

    Firstly, in our occasional series of new or newish pianists introducing themselves to the Club, we have Catherine H performing the Rondo all’Ungherese, Op.107 No.6, by Johann Hummel. Hummel (1778-1837) was one of those infant prodigies turned composer who knew everybody, was taught (free!) by Mozart and praised by Haydn, was a friend of Beethoven and performed at his funeral; Schubert dedicated three piano sonatas to him. He took Haydn’s place as Kapellmeister to Prince Esterhazy when Haydn retired, but out of repect did not assume the actual title until the old man died. Although Hummel died famous, with a lasting posthumous reputation apparently secure, his music was quickly forgotten at the onrush of the Romantic period and has only recently been re-evaluated. His main works were for the piano, of which this Rondo is a splendid example. Next we have two items for two pianos performed by Li-Lin T...
  • Some news about St Mary's Perivale

    St Mary’s Perivale As you know, we are indebted to the Friends of St Mary’s, who let us book this lovely church regularly at very reasonable rates and throw in free rehearsals whenever we want them, as well as including a summary of our next concert in their mailouts. Hugh Mather has asked me to include in a summary of forthcoming Friends concerts, which I’ve done below. But I wonder if ECMC members would be willing to go onto the Friends’ emailing list if they aren’t already on it? I do urge you to go to the Friends of St Mary website and sign up, even if you think you may never go to one of their concerts. They are of course professional and very good indeed. Programme of events for the next fortnight Date Location Time Details Sunday June 5th St Mary’s Perivale  7.30 pm Ealing Symphony Orchestra Instrumental...
  • Concert organisers for 2016-2017

    Here is the draft rota for the concert organisers for next season. Note this is still subject to change! 2016 Date Organiser Sep 12 Saori Howse Oct 10 Lewis Lev Nov 14 David Smith Dec 12 Liz Sharma 2017 Date Organiser Jan 9 Andrew Lewandowski Feb 13 John Heffernan Mar 13 Saori Howse April 10 Lewis Lev May 8 John Heffernan June 12 Andrew Lewandowski July 10 Liz
  • Next concert on Monday June 13th

    The next Ealing chamber music club concert is on Monday June 13th and we still have some space for contributions. Email John Heffernan if you’d like to play, we’ve had lots of variety over the last few concerts so all contributions welcome!
  • Concert on May 9th 2016

    This will be on Monday 9th May at 8.00, when we have four lovely items. If you want a programme on the day, please print it yourself, the few I bring are intended for any non-member audience who might show up. Firstly, Lewis Lev and Keiko Thiele will be playing Moritz Moszkowski’s Spanish dances for piano duet; these are: Allegro brioso, Moderato, Con moto, Allegro comodo, and Bolero. Moszkowski (1854-1925) was a German-Jewish composer, pianist and violinist, well respected and popular in his day, admired by Paderewski and sometimes partnered by Liszt in piano duos. He was born in Breslau, studied piano at Dresden, taught at the Berlin Conservatory and was awarded honorary membership by London’s Royal Philharmonic Society. His output consists mainly of piano works, of which the Spanish Dances are among the best-known. No. 5 (Bolero) is played by a salon trio in a scene from the film...
  • Our new Membership Secretary

    Big thanks to John Heffernan for volunteering! John has agreed to take over the job of Membership Secretary from Hilary. He’ll keep the membership list up to date and deal with new applications. He’ll also send over the heavies when members don’t pay their subscriptions. Hilary will still keep on putting together the programmes and her excellent programme notes. Thanks to Hilary for doing it for so long, and thanks to John for taking it over now! Members really appreciate the time you and the other committee members take to keep the club running.
  • Our next members' concert on 11 April

    General If you’re a member, you should have received the updated Member list in this month’s email. Our next concert is on Monday 11th April and it’s a bumper issue which we hope will attract a good audience of members. Before I get on with programme notes, I will give you the further notices now. The following concert will be on 9th May, and will be organised by Lewis Lev, so please tell him as soon as possible if you think you will have an item to contribute. This month there were too many offers and one had to be bumped. Secondly, we have a new member who is very keen to join in and has written as follows: Hello all, I have just joined, name is Malcolm and I play bassoon grade 8. 2nd bassoon in Wycombe Sinfonia. I live in High Wycombe, Bucks.I have various bassoon, piano works...
  • Our next members' concert on 14 March

    Programme Notes Our next concert is on March 14th and features wind, strings and piano from Baroque to contemporary. Please note also that the April concert will be on Monday 11th, and will be organised by Andrew Lewandowski, let him know in good time if you expect to have something to offer. We begin with the J.S. Bach Sonata for Flute and Harpsichord in G Minor, BWV 1020 played by Theresa C. and David S. (on the piano). There are 3 movements: Allegro, Adagio, Allegro. The date of composition is not known, in fact the earliest (18th century) copies of the work attribute it either to C.P.E. Bach or to the Bach family generally, and according to some sources it began life as a violin sonata. Only in the 19th century was it thought to be by J.S. Bach, and since then there has been a continuous debate, which seems...

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This Season's Meeting Dates And Organisers

For more details, see the Events page.

  • Feb 8: John Heffernan
  • March 14: Saori Howse
  • April 11: Andrew Lewandowski
  • May 9: Lewis Lev
  • June 13: John Heffernan
  • July 11: Liz Sharma
  • Sept 12: Saori Howse
  • Oct 10: Lewis Lev
  • Nov 14: David Smith
  • Dec 12: Liz Sharma